Cannabis Concentrates: A Look at Live Resin and Rosin

Cannabis Concentrate Callouts: A Brief Look at Live Resin, Rosin, and the potency of concentrates As the cannabis industry continues to shatter sales records and reach new heights, consumers are always searching for the next big thing. Recently, consumers have taken an interest in cannabis concentrates. Some forms of these concentrates include shatter, wax, crumble,Continue reading “Cannabis Concentrates: A Look at Live Resin and Rosin”

5 Things to Know Before Opening a Dispensary

5 Things to Know Before Opening a Dispensary As the cannabis industry continues to soar to new heights, there is a new wave of intrigued entrepreneurs who are looking to break into the green business. According to a recent study by Forbes, the cannabis industry is set to exceed more than $200 billion by theContinue reading “5 Things to Know Before Opening a Dispensary”

How Ancient Religions Utilized Cannabis

How Ancient Religions Utilized Cannabis As vilified as cannabis once was, it has been used in the rituals of many religious practices. Some of these religions date back as far as the 3rd Century B.C. Prevalent scholars such as Graham Hancock and Brian Muraresku have even written publications confirming the use of cannabis in ancientContinue reading “How Ancient Religions Utilized Cannabis”

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes: The future of flavor science and the cannabis industry As the cannabis industry continues to expand, brands are providing more cannabis-related products daily. Companies have virtually mastered dry cannabis flowers and cannabis concentrates. Today, they are turning their focus to understanding terpenes. However, the common cannabis consumer doesn’t understand terpenes. So what are they?Continue reading “What Are Terpenes?”

Top Cannabis Scenes in Film

There have been a countless amount of stoner classics over the course of the last few decades. A few of these scenes have become more timeless than others. Here are some of the most hilarious scenes in cannabis movies. Craig Gets High for the First time Friday, 1995 Friday is a 1995 stoner comedy writtenContinue reading “Top Cannabis Scenes in Film”

How Infused Beverages are Taking Over the Cannabis Industry

There is a new keg at the frat house and it is not full of your father’s alcohol. It’s your dispensary’s cannabis. Here is what you need to know about cannabis beer. What is Cannabis Beer? Cannabis beer is virtually self-explanatory. It is an adult beverage that has been distilled similarly to beer. However, cannabisContinue reading “How Infused Beverages are Taking Over the Cannabis Industry”

5 Songs every Stoner should Know

Cannabis Tunes: One of the most beloved combinations is that of cannabis and music. The two go well together better than peanut butter and jelly. Since, well, forever, musicians have subtly and even blatantly made cannabis the focal points of their songs and even entire albums. Here are a few cannabis tunes every toker shouldContinue reading “5 Songs every Stoner should Know”

Illinois Shatters Another Cannabis Record

As the cannabis industry continues to soar to new heights, more and more states are getting in on the action. One of these states is Illinois. Despite Illinois offering medical cannabis to patients for nearly a decade, the Land of Lincoln is relatively new to the recreational sales of cannabis. Despite this, Illinois has achievedContinue reading “Illinois Shatters Another Cannabis Record”

COVID-19’s Impact on the Cannabis Industry

2020 has been one of the most rollercoaster years in recent memory. It will easily go down in history as being one of the worst years of all time. However, amidst the issues presented by COVID-19, the cannabis industry has appeared to come out of the other side a better economy. Let’s take a lookContinue reading “COVID-19’s Impact on the Cannabis Industry”