Stop leasing your customers

from online directory services

Establish brand recognition and develop a direct relationship with your audience.

Your brand, your products

Your online Stickyleaf storefront is white-labeled and comes equipped with a full mobile commerce shopping cart. Use your own domain name, or purchase one through us.  Your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet. The store includes a 256-bit SSL certificate; all pages, content, checkout, and transaction information are protected by the same level of security used by banks. Your store also includes a full blogging engine, allowing you publish and categorize articles, share on social networks to encourage discussion, and earn valuable SEO posting relevant content

Own the shopping experience and customer interactions

Engage your customers both online and offline

Boost engagement by creating highly targeted SMS and Email campaigns. Schedule campaigns and promotions in advance to develop a good rhythm of customer interaction. Offer promotions, ask for reviews, send receipts and more. Staying in contact even while your customers are not shopping not only keeps your business top of mind, but also helps build a positive relationship and drive loyalty. 

Simplify delivery with custom regions and auto dispatching

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Stickyleaf has provided us with a great platform and have been there every step of the way to guide us through. We truly are thankful to have them and look forward to our future growth together. Thanks again Stickyleaf!”

“We have been customers of Stickyleaf for close to six months and we are thrilled that we have decided to subscribe to the Stickyleaf platform.”

“Stickyleaf has provided us with a great platform and have been there every step of the way to guide us through. We truly are thankful to have them and look forward to our future growth together. Thanks again Stickyleaf!”

Find out more about how Stickyleaf’s features can help your business

Stickyleaf enables you to

Occupy your customer’s attention
Gather information, promote products, allow customers to browse your menu and place orders.
Use the features that you want
Turn on the features you want to use and turn off the ones that you don’t.
Stay connected with targeted marketing
Keep relevant promotions and updates in front of your audience when their in your store, or anywhere.
Own the brand experience
Keep your brand in front of your customer. Don’t share the stage with your competitors.
Increase customer retention and loyalty
Engaged customers keep shopping with you and spend more money, they also refer their friends.
Drive positive reviews and increase traffic
Direct happy customers to leave good reviews on sites like Google, WeedMaps and Leafly.
Interact with your customers anywhere

Whether in your store, or on the run, your customers can access your available product list and place orders without talking to a bud tender. 

Send promotions to customers

Have a good deal to promote or some great product to announce? Use digital targeted marketing to keep everyone up to date and informed.

Improve their shopping experience

Happy customers spend more money and are more likely to leave you a positive social review. Social review lead to more foot and online traffic

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