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Inventory Management

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Discounts and Promotions

Loyalty Rewards

Custom Filters and Links

Targeted Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Rich Analytics

Getting Started Is Simple

Stickyleaf is completely white-label, putting you in control of the look and feel of your storefront. Build your menu, add your inventory and start taking orders today.

Today’s consumers want to be able to shop anytime, anywhere and expect a rich and immersive experience. While in the store, or on the run, they want to be able to access the products and details that interest them.

Online Storefront

Your Stickyleaf Online Storefront comes equipped with a full mobile commerce shopping cart. Your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet. The storefront is fully hosted and managed.

Domain and SSL Certificate

You can use your own domain name, or purchase one through Stickyleaf. Includes a 256-bit SSL certificate (all pages, content, checkout, and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks). 

Express Checkout (In-Store)

With Stickyleaf Express Checkout in your lobby, your patients and customers can browse your available products, and even place their order, using smart-screen kiosk stations. 

Advance Ordering

Experienced cannabis users and regular customers can avoid the line by placing their order before they arrive in-store. This greatly speeds up the time it takes to checkout for people who already know what they want and don’t want to wait in line.

Inventory Management

Knowing what products to have in stock, what amount to keep on-hand, where to distribute it and how to keep costs and prices down is paramount to your success in retail. Stickyleaf’s Inventory Management features allow you to keep track of inventory counts, assignments, costs and profits. 

Inventory Kits

Managing your inventory is crucial in helping you run a successful cannabis retail business. Stickyleaf allows you to create, edit and delete inventory kits to help keep your inventory organized and on track.

Live Menu

Limit product choices to show only inventory that is available. Having a live menu with up to date inventory allows customers to see in real-time just what products are currently available for purchase. 

Inventory Assignments

Save your driver(s) trips back and forth to the store by assigning them inventory kits. With inventory limited by driver assignments your menu will only show the products your driver(s) have assigned to their kit. 

Product Organization

Organize products by category, type, promotion and more. Inactivate products to remove them from inventory entirely.

Delivery Management

Free up your staff’s time with automated dispatching. Stickyleaf’s Quickest ETA algorithm will determine which driver can get there the quickest and send them the order in real time. Drivers can work through their delivery Queue using the Stickyleaf Driver App or with SMS dispatching. 

Delivery Regions

Easily define delivery areas using point and click tools to draw regions on the delivery map. Customers who attempt to place an order from outside of the defined region(s) will be prevented from completing their checkout.

Delivery Drivers

One or more driver(s) can be assigned to each region. If an order is placed in a region that has multiple drivers, the system will choose the driver that will get there the quickest

Automated Dispatching

Orders are automatically dispatched to the correct driver based on the region. Driver assignments can be overriden via the admin portal. Customers can track their delivery status on the checkout page after placing their order.

Stickyleaf Driver App

The native driver app allows your delivery drivers to quickly and easily manage their delivery queue and navigate from delivery to delivery. Currently the driver app is available on Android only; iOS coming soon!

Discounts and Promotions

Boost sales and customer loyalty by creating targeted discount codes and promotions. Product promotions and discount codes are great tools to use to incentivize your customers to buy from you, and to help drive customer loyalty.

Discount Codes

Create promo codes based around cart totals, brands, product types and much more. Distribute discount codes as part of a digital marketing campaign allowing customers to use them  at checkout.



Promotional items, or red tag items, are products marked on sale and given extra emphasis on the menu.  Special offers attract consumers and encourage them to make purchases.

Loyalty Rewards

Customer engagement leads to increased retention and revenues. The Stickyleaf Loyalty Rewards features give you the tools you need to keep your customers engaged and shopping. Providing rewards to your customers not only keeps them happy but it keeps them coming back time and time again.


The point system allows your customers to earn rewards points for their purchase. Easily define point value and distribution thresholds through the Stickyleaf BackOffice



The dollar system enables you to give cash back to your customers by awarding a dollar value per specific amount set, defined in the Stickyleaf BackOffice

Custom Filters and Lists

Create customer lists using filters and groupings based on location, purchase history, user tags and more. Use these lists to target specific audience-sets for SMS and Email marketing. Create both static or dynamic lists.

Static Lists

Static lists are snapshots in time. With a static list you add the contacts you want depending on certain criteria at that given time.


Dynamic Lists

Dynamic lists are more fluid and will change over time. Create a query (i.e. customers who have ordered edibles or customers who have ordered in the last 30 days) and the list will change over time as different customers start to fit that criteria.

Targeted Digital Marketing

The power is in personalization. A targeted marketing effort is more likely to resonate with the intended receiver as it appeals to their specific interests and behaviors. Target specific geographies, purchasing habits, product preferences, customer tiers and more.

SMS Campaigns

Running SMS campaigns is a great, low-cost, way to drive traffic to your storefront. Over 90 percent of all SMS messages are read within 3 minutes, making it an intimate way to connect with your customers.


Email Campaigns

Recover lost sales by sending emails to customers who don’t complete their checkout with a link to their abandoned shopping carts, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Content Marketing

Content is the single most important aspect to attracting new customers on the web. Content comes in many forms, menu items, store information, blog posts and new articles (to name a few). Keep customers engaged and improve your search engine rankings by consistently producing quality, unique and relevant content.

Menu Items

Frequent updates and product changes will keep your menu fresh, keep your customers checking in, and improve the range of cannabis related search terms you rank across.


Blog Posts

Blog posts not only provide additional ways to earn SEO points, they’re also most likely to be shared across social networks and help you achieve organic growth.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of increasing the amount and quality of traffic to your online storefront through organic search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Stickyleaf uses industry best practices to help potential customers find your store using these search engines.

Generated Meta-Data

Stickyleaf automatically generates meta-data about your store, your products and your blog posts to instruct web-crawlers and search-engines how to properly scan and index your site.


Social Links

It is important to connect with your customers. Linking your social media channels to your menu is not only a great way to help build SEO but it also makes it easy for your customers to engage with you.

Rich Analytics

Understand customer behavior with meaningful data analytics. Understand where people are coming from, what they’re looking at, how long they’re staying around and much more. Stay aware of your best and worst selling items and understand how well your outreach efforts are going.


Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with your very own dashboard. An easy to read dashboard of your sales and traffic helps keep you informed at a glance. 


Report Viewer

Data is pivotal in helping your business succeed in the future. Create custom sales reports to see precisely how your business is performing on a week to week basis.

Packages to fit your budget with prices starting at just $499/month.

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