Live Menu

Spend less time manually updating your menu and more time making money

Automatically update your dispensary menu in real-time.

Save Time and Headaches


If you’re like the majority of other dispensary owners you probably find that you are updating your online menu multiple times a day. Updating your menu takes time and resources, not to mention the increase chance for user error.

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Avoid Frustrated Customers

We’re well aware of how frustrating it is for your customers when they purchase products only to find out they are no longer in stock. These negative buying experiences can result in loss of customers. By utilizing our live menu feature to sync your menu with your inventory, you can prevent these negative experiences from occurring.

Simplify Your Business


Stickyleaf’s live menu capabilities allow you to effortlessly keep your menu up to date with only the items you have in stock. No more calling back your customers after they order just to let them know you’re out of stock. This saves you and your staff time and future headaches while providing a seamless ordering experience for your customers.

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Stickyleaf’s Live Menu…

Saves You Time and Money

Syncs Directly With Your Inventory

Limit Inventory By Assigned Products

Builds Trust With Your Customers

Keeps Your Clients Satisfied

Assign Kits to Drivers or Hubs

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