Stay in touch with your customers

Use the right channel at the right time


Effortlessly build rich email templates with easy-to-use drag and drop tools. Assign behavior tags to audience members and generate targeted distribution lists.

Text Messaging

Stop getting your messages filtered by phone providers and send campaigns that get delivered. Create digital flyers and text a branded link with a short message to your customers.

Push Notifications

Invite your customers to your loyalty program and use the Stickyleaf Loyalty App to send discounts and promotions directly to your customer’s cell phone or smart device.

Getting started is simple

Customize Your Brand

Highlight your personality

Your brand is essentially the bridge between your product and your customer. A strong brand will enable you to link your identity and values with personalized branded communications to your audience.

Import Your Audience

Upload your contacts in seconds

Easily add customers you’ve already collected information from with the click of a few buttons. Tag your audience members with behaviors to build segmented lists.

Build Your Template

Easy to use drag & drop tools

Choose between Email, SMS and push templates. Easily drag and drop widgets into the editor. Customize look and feel with intuitive tools and properties.

Send Your Campaign

Single send or recurring

Schedule your message to go out all at once or distribute the delivery over a period of time. Choose to send your message one-time, or send on a regular interval for ongoing campaigns.


Loyal customers spend more money

With integrated loyalty solutions, you can build customer loyalty, increase foot traffic and boost sales. Easily build rich, FCC compliant, digital campaigns to send by SMS, Email and Push Notification. Target your campaigns using buyer personas and other data insights and your customer engagement is guaranteed to skyrocket!

Register now to start using our loyalty features today!

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