The Weird Relationship between CBD and the Elderly

The ‘elderly’ population is noted as approximately 9.5% of all individuals in the world. This breaks down to roughly 650 million adults living over the age of 60. CBD continues to be glorified for its medical benefits as it gains medicinal and political consciousness with each given day. It is often saluted for its therapeuticContinue reading “The Weird Relationship between CBD and the Elderly”

The Many Methods of Getting Stoned

As a society, we are far removed from the ages of simplistic smoking. Thanks to stoner ingenuity over the years (also some science, I guess), the cannabis industry now has a plethora of ways of consuming the plant. Here are a few ways of getting high and how they compare to one another. Smoke (Traditional)Continue reading “The Many Methods of Getting Stoned”

Why Patients are turning to Frozen Cannabis

As cannabis becomes more widespread, cannabis consumers become more fascinated with cannabis cultivation. one such style includes freezing weed. This fresh-frozen cannabis technique is embedded more in horticultural science than many cannabis consumers tend to believe. However, we must answer the question currently on the minds of cannabis consumers and cultivators alike: ‘Why?’ What isContinue reading “Why Patients are turning to Frozen Cannabis”

Five Strains worth Your Time this Summer

With cannabis loves constantly experimenting with the crossbreeding of cannabis, new strains are unearthed on a daily basis. Here are five trendy cannabis strains that everyone needs to try before summer is over! Strawberry Sorbet The first worthy strain is Strawberry Sorbet. This new strain of cannabis deserves your attention. This strain is a fusionContinue reading “Five Strains worth Your Time this Summer”

A Look at Live Resin

With cannabis consumption growing to an all-time high, more heightened methods of cannabis consumption have appeared. One of the trendiest methods of ingesting cannabis or cannabinoids is that of cannabis concentrates. Moreover, the current trending topics of the cannabis concentrates conversation is undoubtedly Live Resin. Let’s dab and dive into Live Resin and how itContinue reading “A Look at Live Resin”

Why Consumers Love High-Powered Cannabis

As cannabis cultivation continues to grow widespread and become more popular across the globe, tiers of cannabis have naturally formed. These tiers have been established and regulated by a few different factors, with cannabis consumers establishing the status quo. Some of these consumers will swear by their exotic, organic and boutique high-end strains with amazingContinue reading “Why Consumers Love High-Powered Cannabis”

The Keys to Successful Cannabis Cultivation

The world is comprised of slew of elements. Some can help, others can hinder. When it comes to growing cannabis, your choice of soil is imperative. The elements you feed your cannabis plant are the factors that affect your plant life, yield of buds and overall health of the cannabis. Seasoned growers will tell youContinue reading “The Keys to Successful Cannabis Cultivation”

Indigo Plateau: Five ‘Pure’ Indica Strains You Need to Try

Finding Cannabis Indica Cannabis Indica is often discussed in tandem with Cannabis Sativa. This species of cannabis is a species native to the Middle East. In fact, Cannabis Indica strains get most of their unique names from their geographical origin: the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Cannabis Indica tends to grow in a bushy and stoutContinue reading “Indigo Plateau: Five ‘Pure’ Indica Strains You Need to Try”

These Strains Bring back Memories.

The year is 2021, and the list of cannabis strains being bred has become almost incalculable. However, there are a handful of strains that appear to weather the true test of time. Some of these strains have even directly parented some of the more-known strains of cannabis today. Here are 7 old-school yet forever-young strainsContinue reading “These Strains Bring back Memories.”

Grinding vs. Not Grinding Cannabis

Cannabis has been the center of debates for centuries. Individuals have argued for and against its prohibition since the late 1800s. Socially, cannabis consumers have been debating over a few topics such as holding the cannabis smoke while inhaling to increase their high, blunts versus papers, and whether or not they should grind their cannabisContinue reading “Grinding vs. Not Grinding Cannabis”