Strains that are Potent AF

The industry continues to grow beyond measure despite the economic pause caused by a global pandemic. The cannabis industry is currently on pace to bring in more than $200 billion by the end of 2030. Naturally, cannabis consumers are examining the many facets of the growing market. This includes highly potent strains of cannabis. HereContinue reading “Strains that are Potent AF”

Combat Seasonal Depression with these Strains This Fall

Fall is virtually here! The apple cider is brewing, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are once again abundant. As a child, we all loved the transition into Autumn; As an adult, it can feel more dragging than it used to be. Fatigue is one of the most undesirable feelings we face daily. Fatigue can interfereContinue reading “Combat Seasonal Depression with these Strains This Fall”

Indigo Plateau: Five ‘Pure’ Indica Strains You Need to Try

Finding Cannabis Indica Cannabis Indica is often discussed in tandem with Cannabis Sativa. This species of cannabis is a species native to the Middle East. In fact, Cannabis Indica strains get most of their unique names from their geographical origin: the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Cannabis Indica tends to grow in a bushy and stoutContinue reading “Indigo Plateau: Five ‘Pure’ Indica Strains You Need to Try”