Cannabis Reform in Italy is on the Horizon

Yesterday, Italian lawmakers warranted that cannabis reform activists collected enough x’s to place a cannabis legalization measure on Italy’s ballot this spring—yet there’s still one more bureaucratic measure before the citizens of Italy get to actually vote on it. Nearly three months cannabis advocates filed roughly 630,000 signatures for the bill—which would also legalize personalContinue reading “Cannabis Reform in Italy is on the Horizon”

Germany Set to Legalize Cannabis

Party officers in Germany’s new government coalition have arrived at an arrangement to legalize cannabis nationwide. The legalization measure is expected to be presented during the forthcoming legislative session. It will also bring forth more extensive drug harm reduction aids and bar advertising of tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis. At this time, personal possession of cannabisContinue reading “Germany Set to Legalize Cannabis”

Luxembourg Becomes the First Country to Legalize Cannabis in Europe

Adults in Luxembourg will be allowed to cultivate up to four cannabis plants in their dwellings or gardens under legislation that will make it the first country in Europe to legalize the cultivation and consumption of cannabis. The publication last week by Luxembourg’s administration was said to provide elemental changes in the country’s recreational cannabisContinue reading “Luxembourg Becomes the First Country to Legalize Cannabis in Europe”