Canna Bumps: The Industry’s Newest Controversy

Canna Bumps is a new product that made multiple headlines during the first week of May. Hip readers may have already deciphered the term Canna Bumps – the product is marketed as a ‘unique’ (snortable) cannabis concentrate. The product is manufactured by a cannabis company based in California known as ‘THC Living.’ While inspecting the Canna Bumps packaging, the product promises 600mg of a unique cannabis concentrate. Canna Bumps also provides the consumer with 3 grams of ingestible cannabis powder (nearly 8-ball…). It is also worth noting that Canna Bumps comes packaged in a glass vial reminiscent of the 80’s coke dealers. So there’s that. 

Recreational Cannabis Moves Forward in Minnesota House of Reps

Earlier this year, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz made it clear that he is all for legalizing recreational cannabis. Despite the wails of Gov. Walz and countless Minnesotans, the state Senate has fallen on deaf ears. Unfortunately for the Minnesota Senate, the bill calling for the legalization of recreational cannabis in Minnesota moves forward.

Montana Senate Greenlights Recreational Cannabis

Last week, the Montana Senate approved the bill supporting the legalization of cannabis in the state. This also comes after the Montana GOP attempted to block cannabis legalization. The addition of Montana marks the 40+ state that has implemented pro-cannabis legislation. We love it when a plan comes together.

What the FDA Ban on Swishers and Backwoods Means for Stoners

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration, commonly known as the FDA issued a press release with full intent to ban the FDA Ban 2021 sale of menthol cigarettes. The ban also includes other kid-friendly tobacco products such as flavored cigars and cigarillos. The cannabis community is split regarding the decision. Here’s what we know.

They’re Coming For Cannabis: Uber’s Plans to Kill Cannabis

They’re Coming For Cannabis: Uber’s Plans to Kill Cannabis Last week, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi signaled his company’s intent to begin delivering cannabis when federal legalization occurs. This will be the first of many dominoes to fall. GrubHub, Doordash, and Postmates will not be far behind. This will destroy the cannabis industry as we knowContinue reading “They’re Coming For Cannabis: Uber’s Plans to Kill Cannabis”

Montana Reviews Logistics Associated with Cannabis Bill, Stalls Legalization

Montana Reviews Logistics Associated with Cannabis Bill, Stalls Legalization Earlier this week, business owners attested before the House Business and Labor Committee against Montana’s cannabis legislation. The legislation is House Bill 568. The bill would allow approximately115 cannabis dispensaries in the Treasure State. The logistics outlined by the bill do not make mathematical sense, claimsContinue reading “Montana Reviews Logistics Associated with Cannabis Bill, Stalls Legalization”

Cannabis Legalization in Latin America

Cannabis Legalization in Latin America Exploring cannabis prohibitions and advancements in Latin Countries As the cannabis industry continues to boom, legislations are becoming more hip to decriminalizing and legalizing recreational as well as medical cannabis. Economic publications project the cannabis industry to break the $200 billion mark sooner than later. However, these figures exclusively belongContinue reading “Cannabis Legalization in Latin America”