Canna Bumps: The Industry’s Newest Controversy

Canna Bumps is a new product that made multiple headlines during the first week of May. Hip readers may have already deciphered the term Canna Bumps – the product is marketed as a ‘unique’ (snortable) cannabis concentrate. The product is manufactured by a cannabis company based in California known as ‘THC Living.’ While inspecting the Canna Bumps packaging, the product promises 600mg of a unique cannabis concentrate. Canna Bumps also provides the consumer with 3 grams of ingestible cannabis powder (nearly 8-ball…). It is also worth noting that Canna Bumps comes packaged in a glass vial reminiscent of the 80’s coke dealers. So there’s that. 

5 Strains to Support You while Working from Home

5 Strains to Support You while Working from Home COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of adults to be quarantined at home. Additionally, employees provided more remote positions than ever before. Working remotely has quickly become bittersweet. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, many employees would love to work from home. Now, they are experiencing burnout thanksContinue reading “5 Strains to Support You while Working from Home”

5 Strains to Combat Cabin Fever

5 Strains to Combat Cabin Fever Recently, the United States experienced one of the most strong winter storms since the 1970s. From the east coast to the midwest (and even down to Texas), the nation was bombarded with a snow-filled deep freeze. Many states experienced more than 5 inches of snow for the week. Additionally,Continue reading “5 Strains to Combat Cabin Fever”