Rhode Island “Very Likely” to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in 2022

Last week, A top Rhode Island official stated that a measure to legalize cannabis in the Ocean State is nearly at its end, with just a single primary condition left to settle following months of debate—and that the official anticipates the matter to be determined early in 2022. House Speaker Joe Shekarchi (D-RI) told aContinue reading “Rhode Island “Very Likely” to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in 2022″

Governor of Indiana is Open to Cannabis Reform

The governor of Indiana, Gov. Holcomb, isn’t privately supporting cannabis legalization. Still, the governor states he’s on board with legislation to set up the regulatory compliance for a legal cannabis industry in Indiana. That stated, he’d only be receptive to passing the cannabis reform following the end of federal cannabis prohibition. Gov. Eric Holcomb (R-IN)Continue reading “Governor of Indiana is Open to Cannabis Reform”

IRS Releases Statement Regarding Cannabis Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service, also known as the IRS can’t do much on its lonesome to resolve the one-of-a-kind economic hurdles that cannabis companies endure as a consequence of federal cannabis prohibition—despite this, the IRS wants to make transparent that it’s here to sustain cannabis companies with tax obedience nevertheless. De Lon Harris, commissioner ofContinue reading “IRS Releases Statement Regarding Cannabis Taxes”

Understanding Jamaica’s ‘Good Ganja Sense’ Campaign

Jamaican officials have established a movement that’s particularly created to advance public education around cannabis—an effort to contemporize how citizens obtain information about cannabis. The focal point of the “Good Ganja Sense” movement is a new site that grants resources and blogs on cannabis’s health effects and usefulness looks to disprove myths about cannabis andContinue reading “Understanding Jamaica’s ‘Good Ganja Sense’ Campaign”

Feds Raid Medicinal Cannabis Patient on Native American Land

The federal administration has adopted a hands-off style to cannabis enforcement in states that have chosen to legalize the cannabis plant. So why did a federal bureau newly raid a petite, home cannabis cultivation space of a medicinal cannabis patient living on Native American land in New Mexico? That’s a concern that officials operating outContinue reading “Feds Raid Medicinal Cannabis Patient on Native American Land”

These Cannabis Internships Help Create a Diverse Industry

A cannabis industry organization is collaborating with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, also known as the CBCF to present internship events to black students and recent college graduates who will receive first-hand work experience at significant cannabis companies in 2022. The U.S. Cannabis Council, also known as the USCC is backing the spring 2022 presentation,Continue reading “These Cannabis Internships Help Create a Diverse Industry”

This Kentucky Bill Would Reform Cannabis in 2022

Earlier this year, a Kentucky lawmaker stated that she is pre-filing bills to legalize possession, restricted sales, and home horticulture of cannabis in the state for the 2022 session, with sponsors from various leading cannabis advocacy groups. Representative Nima Kulkarni (D) is applying a two-track approach to the reform, with one measure to have theContinue reading “This Kentucky Bill Would Reform Cannabis in 2022”

This Cannabis NFT is Going to Change the World

While most countries still hold an authoritarian legal regime outlawing the use and creation of cannabis, the NEKTR token is combining forces with another pro-cannabis community to spread awareness regarding the plant’s extensive list of health benefits. With its future play-to-earn Cannabis NFT game known as Legendary Leaf slated for a Q2 2022 release, NEKTR’sContinue reading “This Cannabis NFT is Going to Change the World”

What is HHC?

Among the trend of hemp-derived cannabinoids taking the country by storm—delta 8 THC, delta-O THC, and even the new delta-10 THC among the popular compounds—few have evaded public comprehension more than the brand new. Searching for the compound reveals a plethora of conflicting data: the legality, the effects on the body, and whether it occursContinue reading “What is HHC?”

Which Form of Cannabis Consumption Smells the Worst?

Vaping Vaping is the act of burning up cannabinoids such as THC, THCV, CBG, or CBD in the style of cartridges, also referred to as ‘carts’ to a ridiculously high temperature by the use of an atomizer connected to a battery. Vaping requires an intense amount of heat. Naturally, the hotter the heat required, theContinue reading “Which Form of Cannabis Consumption Smells the Worst?”