Why Amazon’s Cannabis Endorsement Should Scare You

Amazon, the penultimate private employer in the nation, supports a Red-led measure to federally permit, tax, and regulate cannabis. Yesterday, the company’s public policy division revealed that it is “happy to support” the bill from Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC), who initialized the States Reform Act as a neutral option to better mounted back GOP draftsContinue reading “Why Amazon’s Cannabis Endorsement Should Scare You”

Thailand Becomes First Country in Asia to Decriminalize Cannabis

Yesterday, Thailand became the first nation in Asia to endorse the de facto decriminalization of cannabis, despite authorities having left a grey area around the recreational use of cannabis. The Health Minister of Thailand Anutin Charnvirakul reported that the Narcotics Control Board had authorized the removal of cannabis from the ministry’s list of controlled substances.Continue reading “Thailand Becomes First Country in Asia to Decriminalize Cannabis”

Cannabis Banking in Legal States

While cannabis companies often stumble to locate financial institutions that are willing to take them on as customers due to hazards caused by the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis, a new analysis found that financial activity accumulates in states that legalize the sticky leaf. The examination doesn’t make a natural tie between state-level cannabis reformContinue reading “Cannabis Banking in Legal States”

South Carolina Cannabis Bill to Receive Special Hearing this Week

A measure to permit medicinal cannabis in South Carolina will get emphasized status and be taken up on superior order this week, the measure’s backer expressed at a demonstration in the state Capitol last week. Sen. Tom Davis, a Republican of South Carolina, revealed that he’s talked to Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey (R) aboutContinue reading “South Carolina Cannabis Bill to Receive Special Hearing this Week”

Utah Lawmakers call for Magic Mushroom and Peyote Reform

Earlier this week, A Republican Utah legislator put forth a bill that would establish a task force to review and make suggestions concerning the therapeutic ceiling of psychedelic substances and feasible ordinances for their lawful consumption. Representative Brady Brammer (R-UT) filed the bill; While there’s nothing in the verbiage of the draft that explicitly notesContinue reading “Utah Lawmakers call for Magic Mushroom and Peyote Reform”

Why the Feds are Investigating Medical Cannabis in Missouri

Federal officers are seeking details as recently as Summer 2020 about medicinal cannabis licensing in Missouri and third-party contracts in Independence, MO that has drawn FBI scrutiny for the last few years. That’s per the sworn deposition testimony via a Kansas City-area businessperson that emerged publicly at the beginning of the month. The deposition ofContinue reading “Why the Feds are Investigating Medical Cannabis in Missouri”

The Future of Cannabis in New York

New York anticipates making more than $1.24 billion in cannabis tax income over the next six years, per an estimate enclosed in the governor’s administrative budget that was released earlier this week. For the financial year of 2023, the state is set to rake in upwards of $56 million in revenue, most of which willContinue reading “The Future of Cannabis in New York”

Blunts on the Bayou: U.S. Senate Hopeful Smokes a Blunt in new Campaign Ad

Yesterday, a candidate desiring to champion Louisiana in the U.S. Senate debuted a campaign ad that puts cannabis directly in the face of potential voters. Seated is Democrat Gary Chambers, in an armchair the everyman can relate to; in the meadows making a nice blunt and documents statistics about the adverse effects of criminalization. TheContinue reading “Blunts on the Bayou: U.S. Senate Hopeful Smokes a Blunt in new Campaign Ad”

More Methods of Marketing Your Cannabis

Since the start of the new year, more than 50% of the nation has passed legislation allowing the legalization of cannabis on a recreational or medicinal level. Moreover, monetary authorities such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have projected the cannabis industry to exceed $200 billion in revenue by the end of the newContinue reading “More Methods of Marketing Your Cannabis”

What Factors Affect My High?

In 2022, more people will consume marijuana than ever before. Despite this, a large percentage of those consumers don’t understand what helps and hinders the psychoactivity of marijuana. In short, we here at Stickyleaf have honed in on five factors: dosage, method, tolerance, setting, and chemical makeup of the selected marijuana. So let’s delve intoContinue reading “What Factors Affect My High?”