CDC issues Warning Regarding Delta-8 THC

Earlier this year, we posted an editorial regarding the growing popularity of Delta-8 THC. Aside from the legality, the grander concern was the lack of research performed by the appropriate governing bodies. Well, it looks like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a few things to say about Delta-8 THC, and summarily: it’sContinue reading “CDC issues Warning Regarding Delta-8 THC”

Stoner Studies 101: The Many Types of CBD

The cannabis industry continues to break new ground almost every week. The sector is growing with each new legislative session. More than 2/3 of the United States has cannabis laws. There were about five states to join the party this year with more states going green looking likely. At its current pace, the industry willContinue reading “Stoner Studies 101: The Many Types of CBD”