Cannabis Cultivation 101: Evaluating Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Clones

Understanding cannabis seeds Let’s begin with the essence of all cannabis: seeds. Cannabis seeds are not that different from any other seed from any other plants. Similar to most plant seeds, cannabis seeds need to be germinated before they can be planted. Additionally, these seeds also need a healthy growing medium like fertilized soil andContinue reading “Cannabis Cultivation 101: Evaluating Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Clones”

Comparing the Common Styles of Cannabis Cultivation

As the cannabis industry continues to skyrocket beyond once unforeseen metrics, the holy grail of plants has become more accessible to consumers all over the globe. Today, economic publications around the globe project the industry to easily surpass $200 by the year 2030. The cannabis industry has come quite a way since the years ofContinue reading “Comparing the Common Styles of Cannabis Cultivation”

The Keys to Successful Cannabis Cultivation

The world is comprised of slew of elements. Some can help, others can hinder. When it comes to growing cannabis, your choice of soil is imperative. The elements you feed your cannabis plant are the factors that affect your plant life, yield of buds and overall health of the cannabis. Seasoned growers will tell youContinue reading “The Keys to Successful Cannabis Cultivation”

How Lighting affects Cannabis Cultivation

Growing cannabis is an elegant art with solid scientific backing. The math of growing fruitful and healthy cannabis buds are as crucial as the tender, love, and care growers put into their efforts and harvest. An essential cornerstone of maintaining a vigorous and bountiful plant and yield is lighting. Growers from novice to OG veteransContinue reading “How Lighting affects Cannabis Cultivation”