Five Strains to Enjoy this Halloween

Fall is a season adored by many for a slew of reasons. From hayrides to warm apple cider, Autumn is a beloved season different from the remaining season. Like all seasons, Fall has its ‘known’ holiday. Aside from Thanksgiving, everyone knows Fall for Halloween. Diamond Dust First on our list of cannabis strains worth yourContinue reading “Five Strains to Enjoy this Halloween”

Nobody is Giving Your Kids Edibles this Halloween

Every year. Literally every year. A story presents itself claiming that ‘stoners’ are passing out cannabis-laced candies and edibles. We here at Stickyleaf understand the concern of such a devious act. However, we are willing to bet top dollar that NO ONE is giving your child cannabis-laced candy or edibles of any kind. Why edibles in trick-or-treatContinue reading “Nobody is Giving Your Kids Edibles this Halloween”