Illinois to Disburse $45 Million to Social Programs Thanks to Cannabis

Illinois administrators made it clear on Wednesday that forms are unfurling for $45 million in new grant programs—funded by cannabis tax income—that will support agendas meant to reinvest in neighborhoods most impacted by by failed the drug war. This will be the second round of grant  funding to be disbursed via the Illinois Restore, Reinvest,Continue reading “Illinois to Disburse $45 Million to Social Programs Thanks to Cannabis”

Illinois Reaches $1 Billion in Cannabis Sales

Almost one year to the day, we published an article on Illinois’s record-breaking recreational cannabis sales. Last week, Illinois announced that recreational cannabis sales exceeded $1 billion in 2021. This is a substantial commercial milestone since Illinois began its retail cannabis market in 2020. Illinois’ Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (or the IDFPR) proclaimedContinue reading “Illinois Reaches $1 Billion in Cannabis Sales”