Ayahuasca Gains Unlikely Champion: A United States Senator

A Republican U.S. lawmaker who’s known as a super anti-drug administrator has apparently been assisting an Iowa church that wants to implement the psychedelic elixir ayahuasca into its rites. Particularly, Senator  Chuck Grassley’s (R-IA) cabinet has tried to assist the church in uncovering answers regarding requests it applied for with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)Continue reading “Ayahuasca Gains Unlikely Champion: A United States Senator”

Iowa Expected to Legalize Cannabis

Iowa lawmakers are finished waiting for the Red-controlled administration to act on cannabis reform. Yesterday evening, a cluster of lawmakers revealed that they will be debuting a constitutional amendment to let Iowa voters determine on the matter of regulating cannabis “in a manner comparable to the way we handle the use of spirits by IowansContinue reading “Iowa Expected to Legalize Cannabis”