Ayahuasca Gains Unlikely Champion: A United States Senator

A Republican U.S. lawmaker who’s known as a super anti-drug administrator has apparently been assisting an Iowa church that wants to implement the psychedelic elixir ayahuasca into its rites. Particularly, Senator  Chuck Grassley’s (R-IA) cabinet has tried to assist the church in uncovering answers regarding requests it applied for with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)Continue reading “Ayahuasca Gains Unlikely Champion: A United States Senator”

Cannabis in the Midwest

Cannabis in the Midwest The cannabis industry is one the most revolutionary industries since the initial Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. Today, the cannabis industry is projected to shatter a few hundred billion by the end of the decade. The cannabis economy of the United States plays a major role in these projections. As ofContinue reading “Cannabis in the Midwest”