The NBA doesn’t care about weed anymore

The Fall of 2021 has been very good to the realm of cannabis and professional sports. Recently, NBA Hall of Famer Chris Webber broke ground for what will become a dispensary in Detroit, MI. The agency responsible for governing track and field stars like stoner Sha’Carri Richardson recently announced they will take it easy on cannabis-related offensesContinue reading “The NBA doesn’t care about weed anymore”

From March Madness to Reefer Madness

From March Madness to Reefer Madness: 5 NBA stars directly involved in the cannabis industry With march madness around the corner, the desire for college basketball is at its peak. Additionally, the cannabis industry is operating at an all-time high. The industry is currently projected to net more than $200 billion by the end ofContinue reading “From March Madness to Reefer Madness”