Five Strains to ‘Take a Walk’ with This Thanksgiving

2021 Thanksgiving is Thursday; Despite being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in traditional fashion. This includes excellent food, great football games, and great memories to make. It also includes great ‘walks,’ filled with good cannabis and cousin foolery for a large population. Here are a few strainsContinue reading Five Strains to ‘Take a Walk’ with This Thanksgiving

Cannabis Advocates, Governors Demand Guidance on Interstate Cannabis from DOJ

A faction of cannabis groups is encouraging the business community to accompany them in demanding governors from four important states to seek guidance from the appropriate judicial bodies regarding interstate cannabis commerce. Formally known as ‘The Alliance for Sensible Markets campaign’ members are currently gathering a sign-on letter for those curious about putting force onContinue reading “Cannabis Advocates, Governors Demand Guidance on Interstate Cannabis from DOJ”

Senator Schumer to Box Out Big Cannabis in New Bill

In a recent interview, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demands to keep the heavy hitters out of the cannabis industry in support of developing opportunities for mom-and-pop operators when cannabis is federally approved. Sen. Schumer stated that his forthcoming measure achieves such. In a dialogue between Schumer and New York’s head state cannabis authorityContinue reading “Senator Schumer to Box Out Big Cannabis in New Bill”

Why some Dispensary Cannabis Sucks

The industry continues to forego other enterprises like none before it. Every year, the cannabis industry grosses revenue that surpasses the last. Further, more markets are entering the realm of cannabis almost quarterly. Economic mags affirm that the industry will surpass $200 billion within the next nine years. Illinois’ recreational cannabis market, which began lastContinue reading “Why some Dispensary Cannabis Sucks”

A Veterans Day Reminder: How Cannabis and PTSD Interact

Veteran’s Day 2021 is quickly approaching. With more states joining the green team, cannabis’ medicinal appeal continues to increase. In 2021, adult use of cannabis among military veterans is at an all-time high. So let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. How does cannabis affect veterans suffering from PTSD? First, let’sContinue reading “A Veterans Day Reminder: How Cannabis and PTSD Interact”

Voters Turn Their Backs on Recreational Cannabis in Billings

Earlier this year, we brought you news on the cannabis culture in Montana. Once again, Montana is making headlines in cannabis politics. Billings citizens are en route to prohibiting recreational cannabis dispensaries in big Billings, with 55% saying nay in an unauthorized ramification outcome earlier this week. In conjunction with the Yellowstone County election returns,Continue reading “Voters Turn Their Backs on Recreational Cannabis in Billings”

Nobody is Giving Your Kids Edibles this Halloween

Every year. Literally every year. A story presents itself claiming that ‘stoners’ are passing out cannabis-laced candies and edibles. We here at Stickyleaf understand the concern of such a devious act. However, we are willing to bet top dollar that NO ONE is giving your child cannabis-laced candy or edibles of any kind. Why edibles in trick-or-treatContinue reading “Nobody is Giving Your Kids Edibles this Halloween”

Trulieve Buys Harvest Health & Recreation for $2.1 Billion

Trulieve, one of the largest medicinal cannabis operators, is now the nation’s most prominent cannabis retailer after inking a $2.1 billion agreement to obtain former contender Harvest Health & Recreation. The deal marks a notable development in Florida, where Harvest Health & Rec held one of a whopping 22 licenses to cultivate, maintain, and sellContinue reading “Trulieve Buys Harvest Health & Recreation for $2.1 Billion”

Luxembourg Becomes the First Country to Legalize Cannabis in Europe

Adults in Luxembourg will be allowed to cultivate up to four cannabis plants in their dwellings or gardens under legislation that will make it the first country in Europe to legalize the cultivation and consumption of cannabis. The publication last week by Luxembourg’s administration was said to provide elemental changes in the country’s recreational cannabisContinue reading “Luxembourg Becomes the First Country to Legalize Cannabis in Europe”

How Cannabis Counteracts Opioid Abuse

The cannabis industry has matured into the fastest-growing sector ever witnessed by humanity. During the same time as the rise of legal cannabis, prescription medication abuse has skyrocketed through the roof. Opioid (or opiate) abuse has become a leading cause of death in the United States. Cannabis is helping combat opioid misuse. The contemporary stateContinue reading “How Cannabis Counteracts Opioid Abuse”