More Methods of Marketing Your Cannabis

Since the start of the new year, more than 50% of the nation has passed legislation allowing the legalization of cannabis on a recreational or medicinal level. Moreover, monetary authorities such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have projected the cannabis industry to exceed $200 billion in revenue by the end of the newContinue reading “More Methods of Marketing Your Cannabis”

Why E-mail Marketing is Still King

e-Receipts have swiftly evolved into a superb method to dispense receipt and as an essential marketing tool for businesses in the cannabis industry. As of 2020, digital receipts uphold approximately 85%  adoption rates with retailers. Furthermore, 73% of patrons have reported that they would be more than willing to provide an e-mail address to receiveContinue reading “Why E-mail Marketing is Still King”

The Impact of Loyalty Programs on Your Cannabis Business

Comprehending Loyalty Programs A loyalty program is a term used to refer to a program created by a company that bestows consumers incentives for repeatedly selecting their business versus competitors. These programs typically come in the style of individual membership or program IDs.  As far as inducements, loyalty programs gift consumers discounts, exclusive and evenContinue reading “The Impact of Loyalty Programs on Your Cannabis Business”

Cannabis Reform in Italy is on the Horizon

Yesterday, Italian lawmakers warranted that cannabis reform activists collected enough x’s to place a cannabis legalization measure on Italy’s ballot this spring—yet there’s still one more bureaucratic measure before the citizens of Italy get to actually vote on it. Nearly three months cannabis advocates filed roughly 630,000 signatures for the bill—which would also legalize personalContinue reading “Cannabis Reform in Italy is on the Horizon”

Mississippi Cannabis Bill Could be Reviewed as Soon as Today

Yesterday, a new measure to legalize medicinal bud was introduced in Mississippi. Now, it is set to be reviewed by the Ole Miss Senate committee as soon as this afternoon. A medicinal cannabis measure could be up and running by the end of this year if the long-awaited cannabis legislation in Mississippi becomes a statuteContinue reading “Mississippi Cannabis Bill Could be Reviewed as Soon as Today”

Germany Reveals Compliance Details for Cannabis Legalization

In the fall of 2021, we broke a story regarding Germany legalizing cannabis, making them the first to (bureaucratically) do so in Europe. The now coalition-led government of Germany is debuting a few initial components regarding its cannabis legalization scheme, even if the drug reform is taking a lower priority to efforts to battle theContinue reading “Germany Reveals Compliance Details for Cannabis Legalization”

Michigan Breaks another Cannabis Sales Record

Michigan closed out the gruesome year of 2021 with another record-shattering month of adult-use cannabis sales in December, state officials say. The Land of 10,000 joints, er, we mean Lakes, witnessed upwards of $136 million in recreational cannabis sales and about $34 million in medicinal cannabis sales back in December. Earlier this week, Andrew Brisbo,Continue reading “Michigan Breaks another Cannabis Sales Record”

Magic Mushroom Bill in California has a “50/50” Chance of Passing

California Senator Scott Wiener (D) has a handful of large-scale plans for drug law reform in 2022—and the hilariously-named Senator of California tells a famous cannabis multimedia news source that he believes there’s a “50/50” possibility that his measure to legalize psychedelics (magic mushrooms, psilocybin, etc.) ownership will get to the governor’s tabletop. The SenatorContinue reading “Magic Mushroom Bill in California has a “50/50” Chance of Passing”

Why Loyalty Programs Work for Cannabis Dispensaries

Federal cannabis prohibition is on its way out; Many states are ‘going green’ regarding cannabis. Naturally, this has given rise to a volley of new cannabis labels, commodities, and legal enterprises almost every day. As cannabis legalization continues to cloak the country in Sativa leaves, it’s becoming significantly crucial for cannabis dispensary owners to createContinue reading “Why Loyalty Programs Work for Cannabis Dispensaries”

Cannabis Reform in Oklahoma is on the Horizon

Oklahoma cannabis activists filed another cannabis legalization matter that they wish to instill before Oklahoma voters on the 2022 voting. The movement is being supported by the federal New Approach PAC, which was an integral piece behind a volley of triumphant state-level reform endeavors. A separate group of provincial cannabis activists also initiated measures toContinue reading “Cannabis Reform in Oklahoma is on the Horizon”