Why You Aren’t Getting High Anymore

Most cannabis consumers will tell you that there is a slew of factors that can affect your high. Similar to a glass of fine wine, cannabis must be appropriately paired with the situation and environment. We’ve broken it down into five fundamental factors that directly affect your cannabis experience: method, dose amount, setting, terpene availability,Continue reading “Why You Aren’t Getting High Anymore”

Trends that will Dominate the Cannabis Industry in 2021

Trends that will Dominate the Cannabis Industry in 2021 Less than one month into the new year, the cannabis industry is already making an impact around the globe. Moreover, the cannabis industry is still on pace to break the $200 billion milestone before the end of the decade. Here are 5 trends that will surelyContinue reading “Trends that will Dominate the Cannabis Industry in 2021”

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes: The future of flavor science and the cannabis industry As the cannabis industry continues to expand, brands are providing more cannabis-related products daily. Companies have virtually mastered dry cannabis flowers and cannabis concentrates. Today, they are turning their focus to understanding terpenes. However, the common cannabis consumer doesn’t understand terpenes. So what are they?Continue reading “What Are Terpenes?”