How Arizona is Helping those Wronged by Cannabis

Since its origin, the bud industry has continued to shatter records that no other industry has come close to doing so. By the end of the decade, the bud industry will gross more than $250 billion. This sector contains businesses of all types. Some of these cannabis businesses emphasize investment, security and loss prevention, packaging,Continue reading “How Arizona is Helping those Wronged by Cannabis”

Why THC-A is Making Headlines this Fall

Cannabis is a complex yet beloved commodity. It is also a budding and lucrative industry worldwide. Researchers and consumers alike are baffled and intrigued by the secrets of cannabis that have yet to be unlocked. New studies reveal new cannabinoids almost daily. One cannabinoid that has become a hot topic is THC-A; What is THC-AContinue reading “Why THC-A is Making Headlines this Fall”

How to Make an Infused Pear Pecan Sausage Quiche

When fall comes to mind, many people think of dishes that offer a combination of flavors and settings. Quiche is a decadent and delightful dish that doesn’t miss a step. This particular dish combines that savoriness of hot Italian sausage and cheese and the flavorful blasts of sliced pears and chopped pecans. Furthermore, the PearContinue reading “How to Make an Infused Pear Pecan Sausage Quiche”

Why Everyone loves LED Lights for Growing Cannabis

The industry continues to expand at an accelerated rate. We have reached a stage in the simulation that no longer frowns upon citizens privately cultivating cannabis. As cannabis markets continue to delve into new frontiers, so do cannabis consumers interested in growing. If you are considering growing Cannabis, then chances are you have bounced aroundContinue reading “Why Everyone loves LED Lights for Growing Cannabis”

How to Roll a Blunt of Cannabis

There are nearly 80 million adults who consume cannabis daily. Despite this, only a fraction of those adults knows how to roll cannabis in a cigar or paper. No worries, Stickyleaf is here to help! What’s a blunt? If you are an avid paper smoker, then chances are you are not familiar (nor interested in)Continue reading “How to Roll a Blunt of Cannabis”

The Ins & Outs of Cannabis Packaging

Since the 2000s, the States has become quite progressive in advancing medicinal and recreational cannabis. These advancements have also yielded new state legislation regarding the packaging of cannabis-related products to be sold. Everyday consumers and corporations alike can quickly identify the pure absurdity of the statutes concerning cannabis packaging. This article will discuss the problemContinue reading “The Ins & Outs of Cannabis Packaging”

Revisiting the Cannabis Drought of 2020

When we look back at last year, rest assured that the most memorable point of reference will easily be COVID-19 and the effect it has had on the entire world. Coronavirus has directly affected people in many ways, ranging from their jobs, living situation, and most importantly: their mortality. The same holds for the 2020Continue reading “Revisiting the Cannabis Drought of 2020”

Cannabis, COVID-19, and Everything in Between

The cannabis sector has sped along with one of the quickest-growing sectors since, well, the Industrial Revolution. Economic journals believe the cannabis industry will continue its prosperous journey well into the next few decades. Furthermore, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Specifically, this year has begotten a slew of dangerous variantsContinue reading “Cannabis, COVID-19, and Everything in Between”

Cannabinoids, Terpenes & Beyond

The cannabis industry continues to progress well into the final stretch in 2021. The industry is still on course to exceed $300 billion within the next ten years. Last year, the United States passed legislation allowing retail cannabis sales in five new states. This year, those same states are gearing up compliance and regulation toContinue reading “Cannabinoids, Terpenes & Beyond”

What’s Going on with Cannabis in Canada?

It has been nearly three years since the entire country of Canada has legalized recreational cannabis across the country. The cannabis industry has collected a variety of benefits since then. The sector is expected to gross more than $250 billion by the end of the decade. Through the 2018 legislation, there are supplementary avenues thatContinue reading “What’s Going on with Cannabis in Canada?”