Why You Aren’t Getting High Anymore

Most cannabis consumers will tell you that there is a slew of factors that can affect your high. Similar to a glass of fine wine, cannabis must be appropriately paired with the situation and environment. We’ve broken it down into five fundamental factors that directly affect your cannabis experience: method, dose amount, setting, terpene availability,Continue reading “Why You Aren’t Getting High Anymore”

The Many Methods of Getting Stoned

As a society, we are far removed from the ages of simplistic smoking. Thanks to stoner ingenuity over the years (also some science, I guess), the cannabis industry now has a plethora of ways of consuming the plant. Here are a few ways of getting high and how they compare to one another. Smoke (Traditional)Continue reading “The Many Methods of Getting Stoned”

A stoner’s guide to understanding all things vape

Thick Cloud Archive: A stoner’s guide to understanding all things vape Since the late 2000s, the cannabis industry has grown to heights once deemed unimaginable. The industry has grossed hundreds of millions, nearly hundreds of billions across the nation. This is thanks to the increased accessibility to cannabis and cannabis-related products. While some consumers preferContinue reading “A stoner’s guide to understanding all things vape”

Is Vaping Healthier than Combusting?

Is Vaping Healthier than Combusting? The cannabis market has hit a stage that offers the product in a variety of forms. Some of the more common forms of cannabis consumption include vaporizing cannabis as well as simply combusting the plant. With health benefits often being associated with cannabis, which form of consumption is ‘healthier?’ WhatContinue reading “Is Vaping Healthier than Combusting?”