How Lighting affects Cannabis Cultivation

Growing cannabis is an elegant art with solid scientific backing. The math of growing fruitful and healthy cannabis buds are as crucial as the tender, love, and care growers put into their efforts and harvest. An essential cornerstone of maintaining a vigorous and bountiful plant and yield is lighting. Growers from novice to OG veteransContinue reading “How Lighting affects Cannabis Cultivation”

Understanding Sublingual Cannabis

Sublingual Cannabis With cannabis consumption continuing to grow widespread, new methods of cannabis consumption are becoming more. Popular with every minute. One of the more recent booms in odorless cannabis consumption is that of sublingual strips. This new method of ingesting fast-acting cannabis has received a slew of attention. However, most cannabis consumers don’t understandContinue reading “Understanding Sublingual Cannabis”

The Different Types of Cannabis Leaves

Last year has provided the common cannabis consumer an unimaginable amount of time at home thanks to COVID-19 and mandatory quarantines. This has allowed people to search the depths of the internet, from cat videos to gaining a deeper understanding of all things cannabis. Currently, consumers are engaging in the debate surrounding sugar leaves andContinue reading “The Different Types of Cannabis Leaves”

These Strains Bring back Memories.

The year is 2021, and the list of cannabis strains being bred has become almost incalculable. However, there are a handful of strains that appear to weather the true test of time. Some of these strains have even directly parented some of the more-known strains of cannabis today. Here are 7 old-school yet forever-young strainsContinue reading “These Strains Bring back Memories.”

Grinding vs. Not Grinding Cannabis

Cannabis has been the center of debates for centuries. Individuals have argued for and against its prohibition since the late 1800s. Socially, cannabis consumers have been debating over a few topics such as holding the cannabis smoke while inhaling to increase their high, blunts versus papers, and whether or not they should grind their cannabisContinue reading “Grinding vs. Not Grinding Cannabis”

Nug Size: Does it Matter?

There have been a countless number of debates revolving around cannabis since its discovery. One of the newest debates revolves around the size of the buds consumers choose. For some reason, consumers believe that one style of cannabis bud is better than the other. Let’s take a look at both sides and why it ultimatelyContinue reading “Nug Size: Does it Matter?”

Happy Dab Day!

Happy Dab Day! 420 is not the only holiday observed in the cannabis industry. More than 85 million adults consume cannabis daily. Naturally, this alludes to the many forms of cannabis that are consumed daily. Here is what you need to know about Dab Day. Understanding Dab Day July 10th, usually mentioned as “7/10” orContinue reading “Happy Dab Day!”

Why New Dispensaries Fail 

Why New Dispensaries Fail  The cannabis industry has become one of the most attractive industries for entrepreneurs since the Dot Com Bubble of the early 2000s. Many publications predict the cannabis industry to accrue upwards of $250 billion by the end of the decade. Furthermore, more states and locales are easing up on outdated cannabisContinue reading “Why New Dispensaries Fail “

Why Your Dispensary NEEDS Marketing

Why Your Dispensary NEEDS Marketing We live in a digital age where customers expect substantial and consistent content from every brand they interact with regularly. As a result, content marketing is fundamental to the success of any business. Nearly 80% of the companies that utilize content marketing witness a return on investment. Here’s what effectiveContinue reading “Why Your Dispensary NEEDS Marketing”

Why No One is Talking about 4/20

Why No One is Talking about 4/20 April is Cannabis Awareness Month. 4/20 is literally around the corner. The United States is up to nearly 40 pro-cannabis states. Last year, unforeseen states such as Montana and South Dakota implemented cannabis legislation. Additionally, more states thought to be strict towards cannabis (i.e., Alabama, South Carolina) announcedContinue reading “Why No One is Talking about 4/20”