Spend Less

Keep More Money In Your Pockets

Do More For Less With One, Single, Simple-to-Use Platform

Consolidate Your Monthly Spend

Your monthly bills are out of control. Consolidating platforms will save you money and save you headaches. Stickyleaf enables you to reduce your complexities, shorten your vendor list, and lower your expenses. It’s that simple.

Centralize Digital Operations

Less is more. You do not need multiple services to attract new customers, take online orders, view analytics, access customer profiles, build marketing lists, and run marketing campaigns. Stickyleaf meets all of these needs with one easy-to-use, affordable, platform.

Take the guesswork out of promoting and growing your business.

Optimize Your Resource Allocation

Your employees are your most valuable asset. They make the difference between good customer experiences and bad customer experiences. Too often employees are distracted with tasks that can be automated. Sickyleaf can automate those tasks so you and your team can focus on running your business.

Streamline Operations Through Integrations

Requiring employees to coordinate and maintain all of your technical solutions is wasteful and overly-complicated. Stickyleaf integrates with industry-leading point-of-sale, logistics, and compliance solutions to streamline operations and allow your technology to function as a single entity. 

Own The Brand Experience

Stop sending your customers to common marketplaces to place online orders. Stickyleaf gives you everything you need to engage your customers, take their orders online and drive loyalty; all on your website, from one platform. Traffic should come from directory services not go to them. Why would you market for your competition?  

Do you have questions for us? We’re here to help!

Stickyleaf Takes the Guesswork Out Of:

Enhancing Your Customer Experience with an Online Storefront

Improving and Simplifying Deliveries

Effortlessly Educating Your Customers

Marketing to Your Customers Based On Their Interests and Behavior

Accessing Analytics and Gaining Customer Insight

Making It Easier To Be Found

Born Out Of A Dispensary

Stickyleaf gets it. As former dispensary owners, we understand the needs and the challenges that stand in your way first-hand. We help our partners attract more business, engage their customers in more impactful ways, and provide an outstanding value that goes beyond their products to keep their customers coming back time and time again.

Stickyleaf understands retail cannabis; our solution was built from the inside out.

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