How to Market Your Cannabis This 4/20

Since the start of 2022, more than 50% of the states have passed laws permitting the possession of cannabis on a recreational or medicinal basis. Monetary experts such as Forbes and the Washington Post project the exotic flower industry to make $250 billion in revenue by the end of 2032. With potential returns as strongContinue reading “How to Market Your Cannabis This 4/20”

Why Amazon’s Cannabis Endorsement Should Scare You

Amazon, the penultimate private employer in the nation, supports a Red-led measure to federally permit, tax, and regulate cannabis. Yesterday, the company’s public policy division revealed that it is “happy to support” the bill from Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC), who initialized the States Reform Act as a neutral option to better mounted back GOP draftsContinue reading “Why Amazon’s Cannabis Endorsement Should Scare You”

Cannabis Banking in Legal States

While cannabis companies often stumble to locate financial institutions that are willing to take them on as customers due to hazards caused by the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis, a new analysis found that financial activity accumulates in states that legalize the sticky leaf. The examination doesn’t make a natural tie between state-level cannabis reformContinue reading “Cannabis Banking in Legal States”

The Industrial Hemp Scandal in Texas

Todd Smith, a known political advisor to Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, was federally charged with theft and commercial bribery linked to taking cash in exchange for Texas hemp licenses that are passed out via Miller’s office, per Travis County district attorney José Garza earlier this week. Smith was booked in May, charged with receiving upwardsContinue reading “The Industrial Hemp Scandal in Texas”

Understanding Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

What will it take to actually put social equity first in a legal cannabis market? That’s a concern a former Massachusetts cannabis controller is seeking to find in a new research study. While legislators have studied and acted upon various cannabis policies meant to reinvest in communities most influenced (negatively) by the war on drugsContinue reading “Understanding Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry”

Visa Issues Warning Regarding Debit Card Cannabis Purchases

Visa, one of the world’s largest card payment processing companies, issued a regulatory memo to customers alerting them that miscoding point-of-sale commerce via the use of so-called cash-free ATMs—a method used by various cannabis retailers as a workaround to receive credit or debit cards for acquisitions—could guide to damages or other unidentified compliance action. TheContinue reading “Visa Issues Warning Regarding Debit Card Cannabis Purchases”

IRS Releases Statement Regarding Cannabis Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service, also known as the IRS can’t do much on its lonesome to resolve the one-of-a-kind economic hurdles that cannabis companies endure as a consequence of federal cannabis prohibition—despite this, the IRS wants to make transparent that it’s here to sustain cannabis companies with tax obedience nevertheless. De Lon Harris, commissioner ofContinue reading “IRS Releases Statement Regarding Cannabis Taxes”

USDA Reveals Hemp Insurance Policy Changes

Earlier this week, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, commonly referred to as the USDA published that it has taken measures to beef up insurance policies for hemp companies, making them more adaptable in response to stakeholder surveys. USDA’s Risk Management Agency, commonly referred to as the RMA, stated it is making it, so hemp cultivatorsContinue reading “USDA Reveals Hemp Insurance Policy Changes”

Pennsylvania State Troopers Block Bill Protecting Medicinal Cannabis Motorists

An effort to implement protections for Pennsylvania medicinal cannabis patients from being indicted for driving under the influence was derailed in the house last week, due to resistance by The Pennsylvania State Trooper Association. Legislators are working to pass a standalone measure regarding medicinal cannabis impairment protections. The measure summarily assures qualifying and verifiable patientsContinue reading “Pennsylvania State Troopers Block Bill Protecting Medicinal Cannabis Motorists”

Cannabis Advocates, Governors Demand Guidance on Interstate Cannabis from DOJ

A faction of cannabis groups is encouraging the business community to accompany them in demanding governors from four important states to seek guidance from the appropriate judicial bodies regarding interstate cannabis commerce. Formally known as ‘The Alliance for Sensible Markets campaign’ members are currently gathering a sign-on letter for those curious about putting force onContinue reading “Cannabis Advocates, Governors Demand Guidance on Interstate Cannabis from DOJ”