Cannabis Banking in Legal States

While cannabis companies often stumble to locate financial institutions that are willing to take them on as customers due to hazards caused by the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis, a new analysis found that financial activity accumulates in states that legalize the sticky leaf. The examination doesn’t make a natural tie between state-level cannabis reformContinue reading “Cannabis Banking in Legal States”

Why E-mail Marketing is Still King

e-Receipts have swiftly evolved into a superb method to dispense receipt and as an essential marketing tool for businesses in the cannabis industry. As of 2020, digital receipts uphold approximately 85%  adoption rates with retailers. Furthermore, 73% of patrons have reported that they would be more than willing to provide an e-mail address to receiveContinue reading “Why E-mail Marketing is Still King”

Pennsylvania State Troopers Block Bill Protecting Medicinal Cannabis Motorists

An effort to implement protections for Pennsylvania medicinal cannabis patients from being indicted for driving under the influence was derailed in the house last week, due to resistance by The Pennsylvania State Trooper Association. Legislators are working to pass a standalone measure regarding medicinal cannabis impairment protections. The measure summarily assures qualifying and verifiable patientsContinue reading “Pennsylvania State Troopers Block Bill Protecting Medicinal Cannabis Motorists”

How Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Expands Federal Cannabis Research

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden signed a large infrastructure bill that includes guidelines designed to permit researchers to investigate the cannabis that patients are buying from state-legal cannabis dispensaries versus those using solely government-cultivated cannabis. The bill also encourages legal cannabis states that have passed legalization laws to educate people about cannabis-impaired driving. PresidentContinue reading “How Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Expands Federal Cannabis Research”

Nevada Reaches $1 Billion in Cannabis Sales

Nevada retailers sold more than $1 billion in medicinal and recreational cannabis over a single fiscal period, state officials announced today. The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) and the Nevada Department of Taxation published findings that exhibit $1.03B in taxable cannabis purchases in the fiscal year 2021, running from July 1, 2020, to June 30,Continue reading “Nevada Reaches $1 Billion in Cannabis Sales”

Michigan Ends Medical Cannabis License Ban For Those With Prior Convictions

Last night, The governor of Michigan issued a law that makes it possible for people with cannabis-related felonies or misdemeanor convictions on their record can no longer be disqualified from obtaining a medicinal cannabis business license. There’s an exemption for those who were convicted of distributing cannabis to a minor. Aside from this, the legislationContinue reading “Michigan Ends Medical Cannabis License Ban For Those With Prior Convictions”

Trulieve Buys Harvest Health & Recreation for $2.1 Billion

Trulieve, one of the largest medicinal cannabis operators, is now the nation’s most prominent cannabis retailer after inking a $2.1 billion agreement to obtain former contender Harvest Health & Recreation. The deal marks a notable development in Florida, where Harvest Health & Rec held one of a whopping 22 licenses to cultivate, maintain, and sellContinue reading “Trulieve Buys Harvest Health & Recreation for $2.1 Billion”

Bank of America Terminates Popular Cannabis Account without Cause

One of the largest banks in the States is closing down the account of a research institute that’s federally commissioned to grow and study Schedule I substances like cannabis and psilocybin (magic) mushrooms. Bank of America, usually stylized as BoA, randomly informed the Scottsdale Research Institute or the SRI to terminate its accounts this week.Continue reading “Bank of America Terminates Popular Cannabis Account without Cause”