Montana Lawmakers Stall Inevitable Cannabis Legalization

Yesterday, the Economic Affairs Interim Committee voted to halt the rulemaking procedure for implementing Montana’s new recreational cannabis timetable, with legislators claiming that some of the Department of Revenue’s (DOR) variations of House Bill 701, a measure passed this legislative session governing recreational cannabis, wander too far from its legal purpose. As the January 1Continue reading “Montana Lawmakers Stall Inevitable Cannabis Legalization”

Montana Revokes Employment and CBD Restrictions for Cannabis Workers

Last week, we brought you a story regarding the cannabis news in Billings. Again, The Treasure State is finding itself in the midst of cannabis news. The Montana Department of Revenue informed legislators earlier this week that it will offer a pair of recommended rules implementing Montana’s recreational cannabis program following reviewing considerable data fromContinue reading “Montana Revokes Employment and CBD Restrictions for Cannabis Workers”

Voters Turn Their Backs on Recreational Cannabis in Billings

Earlier this year, we brought you news on the cannabis culture in Montana. Once again, Montana is making headlines in cannabis politics. Billings citizens are en route to prohibiting recreational cannabis dispensaries in big Billings, with 55% saying nay in an unauthorized ramification outcome earlier this week. In conjunction with the Yellowstone County election returns,Continue reading “Voters Turn Their Backs on Recreational Cannabis in Billings”