Strains You Need to Try in 2022

Modified Grapes First on the list of cannabis strains worth your time in 2022 is Modified Grapes. This strain of cannabis is a hybrid strain created by bringing GMO (a.k.a Garlic Cookies) (also a strain we’ve written about here at Stickyleaf) and Purple Punch. The yield is a violet-blasted bud of cannabis with just enoughContinue reading “Strains You Need to Try in 2022”

Five Strains to Help Combat PTSD

Veterans Day 2021 is approaching. It is a time to thank those who have served in our countries military. Additionally, 2021 Veterans Day is a chance to generate awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PTSD. Unfortunately, the two elements of military veterans and PTSD go hand-in-hand. Earlier this week, we published an articleContinue reading “Five Strains to Help Combat PTSD”

Five Strains to Enjoy this Halloween

Fall is a season adored by many for a slew of reasons. From hayrides to warm apple cider, Autumn is a beloved season different from the remaining season. Like all seasons, Fall has its ‘known’ holiday. Aside from Thanksgiving, everyone knows Fall for Halloween. Diamond Dust First on our list of cannabis strains worth yourContinue reading “Five Strains to Enjoy this Halloween”

Five Strains to Smoke Before Squid Game

We are willing to bet that at this point into October, you have heard of Squid Game. The Netflix hit has become the most-streamed show in the history of the platform. Keeping things spoiler-free, here are five strains recommended before taking place in many rounds of the Squid Game. Zombie Hush Squid Game is aContinue reading “Five Strains to Smoke Before Squid Game”

Four Strains Bursting with CBD

We’ve all been there: the boss needs that report by the end of the day and you are nowhere near being finished with the project. The term paper your professor assigned a month ago is due at midnight and you have yet to even format the assignment. That feeling you feel in those moments ofContinue reading “Four Strains Bursting with CBD”

Strains that are Potent AF

The industry continues to grow beyond measure despite the economic pause caused by a global pandemic. The cannabis industry is currently on pace to bring in more than $200 billion by the end of 2030. Naturally, cannabis consumers are examining the many facets of the growing market. This includes highly potent strains of cannabis. HereContinue reading “Strains that are Potent AF”

Popular Strains This Time Last Year

Last year was quite a tumultuous year. Despite this, the cannabis industry continued making headlines with each new quarter. Here are some of the strains that got us through 2020. Runtz This strain was voted ‘Strain of the Year’ by cannabis experts at Leafly amidst one of the craziest years in history. Runtz recaptured itsContinue reading “Popular Strains This Time Last Year”

Five Strains Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

This week marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. During this time, people of Hispanic (and Latinx) descent celebrate their heritage with family, fellowship, friends, and other fun-filled activities. There is a moderate population of celebrators who indulge in cannabis during Hispanic Heritage Month. Here are some cannabis strains that have Mexican heritage. History ofContinue reading “Five Strains Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month”

Five Strains of Cannabis that can Improve Your Focus

Since its discovery a millennia ago, cannabis has been praised for its properties that increase its users’ overall quality of life. Certain strains have been regarded for their healing properties associated with libido, heart, and even Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. for short. These five strains have been recognized by researchers andContinue reading “Five Strains of Cannabis that can Improve Your Focus”

Combat Seasonal Depression with these Strains This Fall

Fall is virtually here! The apple cider is brewing, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are once again abundant. As a child, we all loved the transition into Autumn; As an adult, it can feel more dragging than it used to be. Fatigue is one of the most undesirable feelings we face daily. Fatigue can interfereContinue reading “Combat Seasonal Depression with these Strains This Fall”