What is HHC?

Among the trend of hemp-derived cannabinoids taking the country by storm—delta 8 THC, delta-O THC, and even the new delta-10 THC among the popular compounds—few have evaded public comprehension more than the brand new. Searching for the compound reveals a plethora of conflicting data: the legality, the effects on the body, and whether it occursContinue reading “What is HHC?”

Check out these Cannabinoids!

The cannabis industry continues to outdo itself. It seems like the cannabis industry is shattering a market record nearly every single month. On top of that, more markets are expanding into the land of the bud. Nearly 40 states have implemented some type of pro-cannabis legislation, with a handful of states looking to open asContinue reading “Check out these Cannabinoids!”

How Cannabis Interacts with COVID-19 Vaccines

Even though things appear to be getting better, the COVID-19 pandemic is still tearing through societies and economies worldwide. Now, a year removed from the initial panic, there are at least three versions of a vaccine available for COVID-19. Some companies are even suggesting third and fourth doses or ‘booster shots.’ Naturally, citizens have becomeContinue reading “How Cannabis Interacts with COVID-19 Vaccines”