Michigan Breaks another Cannabis Sales Record

Michigan closed out the gruesome year of 2021 with another record-shattering month of adult-use cannabis sales in December, state officials say. The Land of 10,000 joints, er, we mean Lakes, witnessed upwards of $136 million in recreational cannabis sales and about $34 million in medicinal cannabis sales back in December. Earlier this week, Andrew Brisbo,Continue reading “Michigan Breaks another Cannabis Sales Record”

Revisiting the Cannabis Drought of 2020

When we look back at last year, rest assured that the most memorable point of reference will easily be COVID-19 and the effect it has had on the entire world. Coronavirus has directly affected people in many ways, ranging from their jobs, living situation, and most importantly: their mortality. The same holds for the 2020Continue reading “Revisiting the Cannabis Drought of 2020”

Cannabis, COVID-19, and Everything in Between

The cannabis sector has sped along with one of the quickest-growing sectors since, well, the Industrial Revolution. Economic journals believe the cannabis industry will continue its prosperous journey well into the next few decades. Furthermore, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Specifically, this year has begotten a slew of dangerous variantsContinue reading “Cannabis, COVID-19, and Everything in Between”

How Cannabis Interacts with COVID-19 Vaccines

Even though things appear to be getting better, the COVID-19 pandemic is still tearing through societies and economies worldwide. Now, a year removed from the initial panic, there are at least three versions of a vaccine available for COVID-19. Some companies are even suggesting third and fourth doses or ‘booster shots.’ Naturally, citizens have becomeContinue reading “How Cannabis Interacts with COVID-19 Vaccines”

Are Dispensaries Returning to COVID Form?

2020 was a tumultuous year for citizens and the cannabis industry. Despite the many legal advancements made within the past few months, there is a chance that many locales will reinforce another ‘lockdown.’ What are the chances that the next wave of COVID-19 closes businesses again? How will all of this affect the cannabis industry again?Continue reading “Are Dispensaries Returning to COVID Form?”

What to Expect in Cannabis Retail in 2021

What to Expect in Cannabis Retail in 2021 Changes in purchasing behaviors 2020 was a very interesting year for the cannabis industry. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis dispensaries and cannabis delivery services experienced a handful of economic ups-and-downs. In March of 2020, a national emergency was enacted in response to the pandemic. Cannabis dispensariesContinue reading “What to Expect in Cannabis Retail in 2021”

California Cannabis Workers First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

California Cannabis Workers First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine 2021 has seen a rollout of the first generation of COVID-19 vaccines. Naturally, there is a select amount available under the first wave of vaccine distribution. Most of these are reserved for the elderly and healthcare workers. Earlier this month, members of the cannabis industry were addedContinue reading “California Cannabis Workers First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine”

How to Share Weed in the Middle of a Pandemic

How to Share Weed in the Middle of a Pandemic 2020 was a hell of a year and we all have COVID-19 to thank for that. Despite the cannabis industry breaking records last year, the pandemic presented unfathomable challenges for all businesses, not just those within the cannabis industry. However, consumers are still choosing toContinue reading “How to Share Weed in the Middle of a Pandemic”

New Weed, New Problems

New Weed, New Problems: What the cannabis industry should expect to overcome in 2021 The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industry seen in the last century. As of this year, more than half of the United States has implemented some form of pro-cannabis legislation. This year seem approximately 5 new states go green.Continue reading “New Weed, New Problems”