Why some Dispensary Cannabis Sucks

The industry continues to forego other enterprises like none before it. Every year, the cannabis industry grosses revenue that surpasses the last. Further, more markets are entering the realm of cannabis almost quarterly. Economic mags affirm that the industry will surpass $200 billion within the next nine years. Illinois’ recreational cannabis market, which began lastContinue reading “Why some Dispensary Cannabis Sucks”

Comparing the Common Styles of Cannabis Cultivation

As the cannabis industry continues to skyrocket beyond once unforeseen metrics, the holy grail of plants has become more accessible to consumers all over the globe. Today, economic publications around the globe project the industry to easily surpass $200 by the year 2030. The cannabis industry has come quite a way since the years ofContinue reading “Comparing the Common Styles of Cannabis Cultivation”

How to Come Down after Smoking too Much Cannabis

We have all been there: That last doobie was the proverbial nail in the coffin. Your heart is pounding, and your forehead is having a case of the sweats. You noticed that you haven’t moved from your friend’s couch in nearly 45 minutes. The out-of-body experience that is occurring as you are stuck on theContinue reading “How to Come Down after Smoking too Much Cannabis”

Which Form of Cannabis Cultivation is Best?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow economically as well as in popularity, consumers are looking for more upper echelon buds. In response, growers have become more articulate in their approach to producing craft cannabis. With techniques such as hydroponics becoming more popular, a fair question has risen: which way of growing it is better?Continue reading “Which Form of Cannabis Cultivation is Best?”

Why Patients are turning to Frozen Cannabis

As cannabis becomes more widespread, cannabis consumers become more fascinated with cannabis cultivation. one such style includes freezing weed. This fresh-frozen cannabis technique is embedded more in horticultural science than many cannabis consumers tend to believe. However, we must answer the question currently on the minds of cannabis consumers and cultivators alike: ‘Why?’ What isContinue reading “Why Patients are turning to Frozen Cannabis”

Why Consumers Love High-Powered Cannabis

As cannabis cultivation continues to grow widespread and become more popular across the globe, tiers of cannabis have naturally formed. These tiers have been established and regulated by a few different factors, with cannabis consumers establishing the status quo. Some of these consumers will swear by their exotic, organic and boutique high-end strains with amazingContinue reading “Why Consumers Love High-Powered Cannabis”

Big Cannabis vs Craft Cannabis

States that have legalized the recreational use of cannabis appear to be all lemon haze and rainbows. However, this is not the case. In most states, there is a free market for the cannabis economy. Unfortunately, there has been a massive increase in the boom of cannabis businesses that are larger than life. Since theirContinue reading “Big Cannabis vs Craft Cannabis”