New York Cosigns Hemp and Banishes Delta-8 THC in New Rule

Earlier this week, New York cannabis administrators approved regulations for the state’s cannabinoid hemp program, distinctly clarifying that flowers from the cannabis crop can be sold. However, delta-8 THC products are currently outlawed from being sold. Hemp-infused foods and beverages will also be permitted. The NY State Department of Health had initially proposed laws forContinue reading “New York Cosigns Hemp and Banishes Delta-8 THC in New Rule”

CDC issues Warning Regarding Delta-8 THC

Earlier this year, we posted an editorial regarding the growing popularity of Delta-8 THC. Aside from the legality, the grander concern was the lack of research performed by the appropriate governing bodies. Well, it looks like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a few things to say about Delta-8 THC, and summarily: it’sContinue reading “CDC issues Warning Regarding Delta-8 THC”

Check out these Cannabinoids!

The cannabis industry continues to outdo itself. It seems like the cannabis industry is shattering a market record nearly every single month. On top of that, more markets are expanding into the land of the bud. Nearly 40 states have implemented some type of pro-cannabis legislation, with a handful of states looking to open asContinue reading “Check out these Cannabinoids!”