Why Everyone loves LED Lights for Growing Cannabis

The industry continues to expand at an accelerated rate. We have reached a stage in the simulation that no longer frowns upon citizens privately cultivating cannabis. As cannabis markets continue to delve into new frontiers, so do cannabis consumers interested in growing. If you are considering growing Cannabis, then chances are you have bounced aroundContinue reading “Why Everyone loves LED Lights for Growing Cannabis”

Understanding the Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Cultivation

Just like life in any form of life, plants go through cycles as they age and grow. The period of growth between the germination and flowering stages is the vegetative stage of plant growth. During the vegetative stages, plants are constantly working to activate necessary processes such as photosynthesis and accumulating materials needed for cannabisContinue reading “Understanding the Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Cultivation”

Comparing the Common Styles of Cannabis Cultivation

As the cannabis industry continues to skyrocket beyond once unforeseen metrics, the holy grail of plants has become more accessible to consumers all over the globe. Today, economic publications around the globe project the industry to easily surpass $200 by the year 2030. The cannabis industry has come quite a way since the years ofContinue reading “Comparing the Common Styles of Cannabis Cultivation”