Study: Juvenile Cannabis Consumption at an All-time Low

Youth cannabis use plummeted in 2020 among the coronavirus pandemic, and as more states moved to pass cannabis legalization, a recently released federal survey discovered. The latest table from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, or the NSDUH for short, is yet another instance of a federally backed research program testing the prohibitionistContinue reading “Study: Juvenile Cannabis Consumption at an All-time Low”

Study: Army Stoners Perform ‘no different’ than Enlisted Non-Stoners

Conclusions from a unique government-funded study of U.S. Army servicemen and servicewomen suggest that prior cannabis use has almost little-to-no impact on performance. Recruits with recorded accounts of cannabis use were just as plausible as their comrades to make colonel, for instance, and while they were more inclined to leave the Army due to drugContinue reading “Study: Army Stoners Perform ‘no different’ than Enlisted Non-Stoners”

South Dakota to Legalize Cannabis for Real this Time

South Dakota legislators are formally advocating that the government take up a measure to legalize cannabis amid the 2022 session. This occurs as cannabis activists pursue a separate cannabis reform initiative for the 2022 South Dakota ballot. The South Dakota Supreme Court proceeds to reexamine the constitutionality of a 2020 voter-approved cannabis legalization legislation. SayContinue reading “South Dakota to Legalize Cannabis for Real this Time”

Wisconsin Lawmakers Reveal Cannabis Decriminalization Bill

Last week, Wisconsin legislators revealed a measure to decriminalize cannabis possession, a distinguished advancement in a state where cannabis reform has perpetually stalled in the red-controlled government notwithstanding the support from the Democratic governor of Wisconsin. Although it isn’t the legalization of cannabis, it is a great start. Representative Shae Sortwell (R-WI) and Sylvia Ortiz-VelezContinue reading “Wisconsin Lawmakers Reveal Cannabis Decriminalization Bill”

How Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Expands Federal Cannabis Research

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden signed a large infrastructure bill that includes guidelines designed to permit researchers to investigate the cannabis that patients are buying from state-legal cannabis dispensaries versus those using solely government-cultivated cannabis. The bill also encourages legal cannabis states that have passed legalization laws to educate people about cannabis-impaired driving. PresidentContinue reading “How Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Expands Federal Cannabis Research”

EMS Workers No Longer Disqualified for Prior Cannabis Use

People registering as first responders in Austin, Texas, no longer need to reveal their prior cannabis use following the lobbying of advocates focusing on cannabis reform in Texas. In October, Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS) changed the work policy after Texas NORML. The local EMS union noticed the matter and sent nearly 3,500 letters to CityContinue reading “EMS Workers No Longer Disqualified for Prior Cannabis Use”

New York adds Protections for Transgender and Non-binary in Cannabis Industry

A New York senator filed a bill ensuring transgender and non-binary people qualify as social equity applicants under its cannabis law. Sen. Jeremy Cooney (D-NY) proposed the legislation to fix an ‘unintended consequence’ of the adult-use cannabis law, which would ‘force specific individuals to decide between their gender identity and receive precedence for a cannabisContinue reading “New York adds Protections for Transgender and Non-binary in Cannabis Industry”

Indiana Gears up for Cannabis Legalization

The Indiana Democratic Party is positioning a campaign for cannabis legalization. If the GOP-controlled government declines to enact a cannabis legalization bill during the 2022 legislative session, the party organization stated Democrats anticipate campaigning for cannabis reform, leveraging the demand of ending cannabis prohibition amid Indiana voters. ‘Legalizing cannabis is a win-win for Hoosiers, andContinue reading “Indiana Gears up for Cannabis Legalization”

Arkansas Calls for Cannabis Reform

A group of Arkansas activists for cannabis reform is entering the realm of cannabis legalization on Arkansas’ ballot for 2022. The group registered a new cannabis reform initiative late last week. Arkansans for Cannabis Reform conferred the recommended constitutional amendment to the secretary of state’s office. It would support adults 21 and older to possessContinue reading “Arkansas Calls for Cannabis Reform”

Trulieve Buys Harvest Health & Recreation for $2.1 Billion

Trulieve, one of the largest medicinal cannabis operators, is now the nation’s most prominent cannabis retailer after inking a $2.1 billion agreement to obtain former contender Harvest Health & Recreation. The deal marks a notable development in Florida, where Harvest Health & Rec held one of a whopping 22 licenses to cultivate, maintain, and sellContinue reading “Trulieve Buys Harvest Health & Recreation for $2.1 Billion”