The Industrial Hemp Scandal in Texas

Todd Smith, a known political advisor to Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, was federally charged with theft and commercial bribery linked to taking cash in exchange for Texas hemp licenses that are passed out via Miller’s office, per Travis County district attorney José Garza earlier this week. Smith was booked in May, charged with receiving upwardsContinue reading “The Industrial Hemp Scandal in Texas”

CBD doesn’t Disrupt Motor Skills or Driver Safety, Study finds

A new investigation revealed “no significant impact” on one’s driving capacity after smoking CBD-laden cannabis and no effects on vital organs, even as all the research patrons exceeded the permitted limit for the psychoactive compound THC in their bloodstream. For the initial study administered in Switzerland, 33 people were each given a doobie featuring 500Continue reading “CBD doesn’t Disrupt Motor Skills or Driver Safety, Study finds”

USDA Reveals Hemp Insurance Policy Changes

Earlier this week, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, commonly referred to as the USDA published that it has taken measures to beef up insurance policies for hemp companies, making them more adaptable in response to stakeholder surveys. USDA’s Risk Management Agency, commonly referred to as the RMA, stated it is making it, so hemp cultivatorsContinue reading “USDA Reveals Hemp Insurance Policy Changes”

New York Cosigns Hemp and Banishes Delta-8 THC in New Rule

Earlier this week, New York cannabis administrators approved regulations for the state’s cannabinoid hemp program, distinctly clarifying that flowers from the cannabis crop can be sold. However, delta-8 THC products are currently outlawed from being sold. Hemp-infused foods and beverages will also be permitted. The NY State Department of Health had initially proposed laws forContinue reading “New York Cosigns Hemp and Banishes Delta-8 THC in New Rule”

Smokeless Methods of Consuming Cannabis

Smoking cannabis is played out. These days, patients consume cannabis without smoking. Thanks to the advancements in the industry, patients can receive the desired cannabinoids and terpenes without a lighter. Here’s what you need to know: Vaping First up of the alternatives to smoking cannabis is undoubtedly the most common way of consuming bud withoutContinue reading “Smokeless Methods of Consuming Cannabis”

New USPS Vape Rule Could Damage the Cannabis Industry

Earlier this week, The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) released its final provision on the mailability of vaporizers, stating that devices intended for legal hemp derivatives such as CBD typically cannot be shipped through the U.S. mail. The mailing leader in the States has been expanding the statutes of compliance with legislation passed by Congress inContinue reading “New USPS Vape Rule Could Damage the Cannabis Industry”

How the Byhalia Pipeline Affects the Cannabis Industry

Congressman Steve Cohen is demanding the Biden administration to lead the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to withdraw its permission for a proposed crude oil pipeline cut into various Tennessee neighborhoods. Congressman Cohen (D-TN) sent a notice to the White House earlier this week describing anxiety towards the Byhalia Connection Pipeline. This pipeline would runContinue reading “How the Byhalia Pipeline Affects the Cannabis Industry”

Four Strains Bursting with CBD

We’ve all been there: the boss needs that report by the end of the day and you are nowhere near being finished with the project. The term paper your professor assigned a month ago is due at midnight and you have yet to even format the assignment. That feeling you feel in those moments ofContinue reading “Four Strains Bursting with CBD”

Why Everyone loves LED Lights for Growing Cannabis

The industry continues to expand at an accelerated rate. We have reached a stage in the simulation that no longer frowns upon citizens privately cultivating cannabis. As cannabis markets continue to delve into new frontiers, so do cannabis consumers interested in growing. If you are considering growing Cannabis, then chances are you have bounced aroundContinue reading “Why Everyone loves LED Lights for Growing Cannabis”

Understanding the Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Cultivation

Just like life in any form of life, plants go through cycles as they age and grow. The period of growth between the germination and flowering stages is the vegetative stage of plant growth. During the vegetative stages, plants are constantly working to activate necessary processes such as photosynthesis and accumulating materials needed for cannabisContinue reading “Understanding the Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Cultivation”