Cannabis Concentrates You Should Try This Fall

Fall is here! It is getting colder, wetter, and full of pumpkin spice. Autumn is also the perfect time to expand your cannabis palette. Cannabis concentrates are more than the typical ‘dabs.’ Here are a few cannabis concentrates worth your time this Fall: Wax Let’s begin with a simple one: Wax. This style of cannabisContinue reading “Cannabis Concentrates You Should Try This Fall”

A Look at Live Resin

With cannabis consumption growing to an all-time high, more heightened methods of cannabis consumption have appeared. One of the trendiest methods of ingesting cannabis or cannabinoids is that of cannabis concentrates. Moreover, the current trending topics of the cannabis concentrates conversation is undoubtedly Live Resin. Let’s dab and dive into Live Resin and how itContinue reading “A Look at Live Resin”

For the Love of Live Resin

For the Love of Live Resin: A stoner’s guide to understanding the popular cannabis concentrate live resin What are Cannabis Concentrates? Cannabis concentrates are fairly self-explanatory; these are the extracts and secretions of different parts of the cannabis plant. Some of the popular forms of extracts include cannabinoids and terpenes. Products such as wax, shatters,Continue reading “For the Love of Live Resin”

Cannabis Concentrates: A Look at Live Resin and Rosin

Cannabis Concentrate Callouts: A Brief Look at Live Resin, Rosin, and the potency of concentrates As the cannabis industry continues to shatter sales records and reach new heights, consumers are always searching for the next big thing. Recently, consumers have taken an interest in cannabis concentrates. Some forms of these concentrates include shatter, wax, crumble,Continue reading “Cannabis Concentrates: A Look at Live Resin and Rosin”