Here’s How to Not Get Your Dispensary Robbed

With an uptick in thefts hitting cannabis businesses across the nation, a primary cannabis advocacy coalition is providing the cannabis industry with guidance on how to discourage and answer to cannabis theft in dispensaries. Americans for Safe Access, a known group here on the Stickyleaf Blog, created its Robbery Preparedness Handbook in reaction to increasingContinue reading “Here’s How to Not Get Your Dispensary Robbed”

The Ins & Outs of Cannabis Packaging

Since the 2000s, the States has become quite progressive in advancing medicinal and recreational cannabis. These advancements have also yielded new state legislation regarding the packaging of cannabis-related products to be sold. Everyday consumers and corporations alike can quickly identify the pure absurdity of the statutes concerning cannabis packaging. This article will discuss the problemContinue reading “The Ins & Outs of Cannabis Packaging”

Why Consumers Love High-Powered Cannabis

As cannabis cultivation continues to grow widespread and become more popular across the globe, tiers of cannabis have naturally formed. These tiers have been established and regulated by a few different factors, with cannabis consumers establishing the status quo. Some of these consumers will swear by their exotic, organic and boutique high-end strains with amazingContinue reading “Why Consumers Love High-Powered Cannabis”

What Does it Take to Open a Dispensary?

With cannabis becoming more popular across the nation, entrepreneurs are becoming more involved in opening up a cannabis dispensary. Like any other industry, there are stringent rules and regulations potential business owners and operators must follow per state legislation. Late last year, two separate companies were found in violation of cannabis production and distribution laws.Continue reading “What Does it Take to Open a Dispensary?”